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Watch the QAPITAL video stream LIVE on TV or online Are you missing out on QAPITAL on April 4th? That sucks! Or not…? For all of you that cannot be there, we will be broadcasting the event LIVE on Dutch TV and online. You can thank Ziggo for this awesome initiative! There are two ways to join in: On TV Ziggo customers in The Netherlands have the exclusive opportunity to watch the livestream on TV. Go to Ziggo digital channel 12 and start the party! Online It’s also possible to watch the videostream online. We will be broadcasting LIVE from the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam at The broadcast starts on Saturday the 4th of April at 23:15 hrs. The TV broadcast will run until 02:45 hrs, while the online broadcast continues until 04:00 hrs. Can someone record it? 
Pole Folder - Live at Klee Chateau (Cordoba, Argentina) [Part 1] - 23-Mar-2015 
link Frisky - Extinct Private Sessions - February 2015 - Brian Cid.mp3 This is a high quality mix simply because it has a very rich matrix of complex interwoven rhythms. Not quite sure what the "extinct" title is implying. The only things going extinct on the planet are the plants and animals whose habitats humans have destroyed (many types (species) of animals and plants have not been seen (observed) for many years) . Biodiversity loss!. Unchecked, habitat destruction would eventually be the cause for humans to go extinct also. As the ecological services that nature provides for us, for example, clean drinking water,the regulation of the planets climate and food would be severely reduced. At present the trend is negative. Humans continue to reduce the natural habitats on the planet (many are neglectful by the fact that food is currently plentiful in many parts of the world. But soils are being contaminated and eroded by the unsustainable methods that currently produce the food). Thus we are currently heading for extinction :-( ( There is sooooo much recorded evidence of the loss of life on this planet because of human ignorance) . However, Evolution thus life has survived for billions of years. I'm not convinced a group of hedonistic primates could stop it even if they tried. Slow it down for a few million years but not stop the patterns,chaos and rhythms that is nature :cool: . welcome to the Anthropocene :-| link 
Share the music policy :-) 
Sennheiser px100 -II for listening to music whilst I'm out about as they produce a quality sound for that size and weight. img Ultrasone HFI-15G connected to a FiiO portable headphone amp (gives more power and bass if required) connected to a (rockboxed) sansa clip+ ( All in~Excellent sound reproduction in a comparably very lightweight mini form factor) img Other Headphones also.The above have been my favourite for a while, as I don't just passively listen to music. I dynamically move with it :love: The best sounding headphones I have heard to date ( I've bought and sold many) are Hifiman HE-400 img They use Planar-Magnetic Drivers :thumbsup: . Too Big and bulky though for my use. So I sold them. If they could make some lighter in weight more compact planer-magnetic headphones, I'd love to try them out. :whistle: 
POINTS : 413 TICKETS : 10 
Sony MDR7506....uber comfortable 
I just found the answer. After a week it goes POOF. (Doesn't say that anywhere BTW). And now I know. Cheers! 
Welcome to TribalMixes! The contribution system became very comfortable to handle for everyone, thanks to slash. Just make sure you (force) seed all torrents at least 48 hours and you'll be fine. Don't worry about how much you are actually able to upload. :) 
Beyerdynamics DT 990 (open) and 770 (closed). They are incredible! 
Bump. Can someone upload it somewhere. Still haven't found it. :-/ 
C64 1d 3h music
Dirty Tribal 
{quoted:munkyn} They're rules how to use TM, I suggest you read them link :whistle:[/quote]yes i have read the rules but it's confusing this page says that Tribalmixes is ratioless 
Just want to know what headphones you use? I use Sennheiser HD-25 and Shure SRH1840 

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download → Animal Trainer  - Live At D Egde & Warung, Canibal Royal (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) - 15-Jan-2014
Animal Trainer - Live At D Egde & Warung, Canibal Royal (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) - 15-Jan-2014
download → Eelke Kleijn - Outside The Box Year Pack - 2014
Eelke Kleijn - Outside The Box Year Pack - 2014