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Oh BOY! BTW CD 2 was actually last.....can't wait CD 1 1. Miss Melera - Faith - Einmusik Remix 2. Stephan Bodzin - Sungam 3. Guy J - Once In A Blue Moon 4. Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - Verona - Dario D'Attis Dubstrip Mix 5. Nicolas Masseyeff - Vero 6. Franck Roger - Wanderlust - Jordan Peak Remix 7. Adnon Olivier aka Olivier Berger - Casa Bulga 8. Kerb Staller - Four Fingers - Thug$#?%er's Lio's Wide Shut Rework 9. Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder - Fatty Boy 10. Hyenah - The Chase 11. Hugo Featuring Comadisco - Blue Days 12. Azimute - Where is The Magic 13. S.K.A.M. - Mystery CD2 1. Sunshine Jones - The Sun 2. Marc Romboy - Hypernova 3. Wareika - The New Beat Generation 4. Just Be - The Early Years 5. The Tweaker - Easy Tiger 6. Gorge & Nick Curly - Lost Together 7. Sebastian Kommos - Understanding - Frank Mauer Remix 8. Livio & Roby - Ananda - Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix 9. Nick Warren - Alta 10. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Gigawave - Fairmont Remix 11. Shlomi Aber - Tel Aviv Garden - Nic Fanciulli Remix 12. Pan-Pot & Vincenzo – Fiction Inc 13. Constar & Stefny Winter - Finding Yusef – Selway Feedback Dub Remix 14. Just Be - The Magic Rock 15. Guy J - Candyland - King Unique Remix CD3 1. Quivver - Paper Lunch 2. B'utiza - Baphuma Ezulwini - Christian Pommer Remix 3. Ryan Crosson - Close To Danger 4. Sven Väth - L'Esperanza - Âme Reinterpretation 5. Alex Niggemann - Tarkus 6. D'julz - Remember 7. Francsico Allendes - Human Design 8. Breccia and Sebastian Markiewicz - Myth 9. Audion - Motormouth - Carlo Lio Remix 10. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann – Agua feat. Xenia Beliayeva 11. Adam Beyer - People Understand 12. Patrice Bäumel - Mile High Gang 13. October - Homo Sapiens 14. Odessa - Donna 15. Audion - Dem Howl Feat. Troels Abrahamsen - Michael Mayer Mix 
I'm also having a couple issues with hit-and-runs. I don't appear to be getting credit for the seeding that I'm doing. For example, I seeded the Nick Warren - Sound Garden (Frisky Radio) [HQ] - October 2014 to 155.4%, according to uTorrent, but Tribal Mixes is only giving me credit for 87%, and I'm about to get a hit-n-run for that. Another example, uTorrent says 110.5% for Dave Seaman - Live @ White Ocean Camp, Burning Man Festival - USA - 26-Aug-2014, but Tribal Mixes has me down for 58%. Shortly, it'll be another so-called hit-and-run. Sorry to whine, but I thought I should share. Thx 
wtf, he is that old? have to listen to the set. 
the legend Sven vath 
to add poiints every day take part in the lottery, comment on torrents and also in the forums :yes: 
{quoted:smooks} you have 3 unused tribalmixes awards on your profile, use them as well to help clear your account 
Hello...just trying to fix my account so I can start downloading again. When I try to download a torrent nothing happens when I clink on the torrent link. I received a hit and run I donated to get a couple hit and run fixes. I clicked on the box to apply them but I can't seem to find anything to fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
50pts Oct 30, 14 » This Is A Lottery Award For Your Ticket #2665!!! hmm hoping to break even today 
{quoted:moocowdan} Dan can you stream your music from your dedicated host? was looking at this link from the btsync post...tried it out briefly and will look at using it once my new server is fully built and spec'd up 
it runs on of link and it runs great. there is 4tb of SATA storage and ive never had an issue. 
50pts Oct 30, 14 » This Is A Lottery Award For Your Ticket #4454!!! 
Frisky | feelin' frisky? September 2014 - Fady Ferraye 
:thumbsup: :-) drum&bass Matrix & Futurebound - Live at Ministry of Sound, London - 25-Oct-2014 
:no: Nina Kraviz - Club Fresh (FreshFM) - 21-Oct-2014 
btw. currently i am using very good connections to eu and an nice price-model. 

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download → Claude VonStroke - live at Movement Festival 2014, Beatport Stage, Detroit - 26-May-2014
Claude VonStroke - live at Movement Festival 2014, Beatport Stage, Detroit - 26-May-2014
download → Scott Williams, Mario De Giorgio - Mystic Progressions 025 on TM Radio - 24-Oct-2014
Scott Williams, Mario De Giorgio - Mystic Progressions 025 on TM Radio - 24-Oct-2014
download → Beyond Wonderland - Project 46 Live - 20-Sep-2014
Beyond Wonderland - Project 46 Live - 20-Sep-2014