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img On December 19th and 20th dance music’s biggest mainstage slaying duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will spark a fuse that will illuminate the clubbing calendar for 2015. Taking over Antwerp’s iconic Sportpaleis Antwerpen, the #2 DJ’s in the World will launch the first step in their first official world tour ‘Bringing the World The Madness’ – an event that will comprise of a production feast on a scale yet to be seen by the electronic community. As part of this special occasion Dimitri and Mike have teamed up with Hello Bank to bring the show directly to those fans that weren’t able to get tickets for this double run of opening events. Turning on the camera for the Saturday 20th December show, the evenings broadcast feed will be able to be seen by fans all around the globe via the official website’s exclusive stream window: http://www.bringingtheworldthemadness... After selling a mammoth 33,000 tickets in less than 24 hours for their ‘Bringing The World The Madness’ kick off shows, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are now only weeks away from delivering two show-stopping performances to a packed house for over 40.000 people. With the colossal scenes from their landmark Antwerp shows back in December 2013 still booming virally across the internet - with over 15 million YouTube views to date – the excitement for this epic new tour is beginning to hit fever pitch! Curated and powered by the magical global experience that is Tomorrowland festival, fans will have their sight and senses treated to a wondrous world of utterly memorising stage production, all wrapped in the trademark DJ show that Dimitri and Mike have become so synonymous with. After a score of dancefloor destroying releases in ‘Mammoth’, ‘Wakanda’, ‘Chattahoochee’, ‘Find Tomorrow (Ocarina)’ and ‘Tremor’, alongside tearing the roofs off arenas the world over to shaking the very site festivals like Electric Zoo NYC, Dream Valley, Creamfields and their Belgian and US resident home festivals Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld sit upon. Now the time is nearly upon us for what is going to be the most spectacular Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike show in the history of their illustrious career so far. World watch out because electronic music’s biggest DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are ‘Bringing The World The Madness’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkbMqaY2YeM 
Armin van Buuren presents - A State of Trance Episode 694 (Top 20 of 2014) (Trance - Digitally Imported Premium) :thumbsup: 
The swiftly change of beat through the middle of the mix is what catches me most.... A fine mix! The first tune is epic! I know it well.... 
the poll was absolutely predictable this year... almost the same with the previous one! again Dixon no. 1? what's this sorcery? DJ mag, and Hardwell? for God's sake :'-( 
2015 upload points :) 
Cookie hit's the like button :-P 
and when Jimmy Van M could pick them (from about 5m30 onwards :yes: ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht39QMgARfM 
....delivery once more and as always courtesy of tm-radio :thumbsup: ... link first track not ID'd...FAIL..obviously mixcloud has never heard of Global underground :no: a Warren special!! Great mix and great show :yes: 
Thank you man , Can you suggest another dj? 
A Thread for the dreamers whom love to dream of a future after we have realised our true potential. Here is a dream of mine. So I see a Gorgeous women. walk over to this beautiful person and say. " Hello". Ok just kidding. I've done that many times so it's a reality not in my dreams. English women in general are very open about sex. Well they are to me ;-) . a smile from a beautiful women is like a smile of a angel or some other form that grants you more beauty . However I'd prefer her not to be an angel as to be quite honest with my true nature I want that mouth of hers to ( Whatever you wish). 
A selection from what I played most, enjoyed most, during 2014. A few words in the beginning for all of you those out there. Enjoy ( : Good health to you all, clear mind, and wishes hoped for to come vividly true! /list with tracks, 25th of December. https://soundcloud.com/butoane/ending-the-year 

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download → Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Live at Transmission Seven Sins, Prague - 25-Oct-2014
Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Live at Transmission Seven Sins, Prague - 25-Oct-2014
download → Above and Beyond, Mat Zo, Andrew Bayer & Ilan Bluestone - Live at ABGT100 Madison Square Garden New York City, 720p stream - 18-Oct-2014
Above and Beyond, Mat Zo, etc - Live at ABGT100 Madison Square Garden New York City, 720p stream - 18-Oct-2014
download → Sasha - Live at DJ Mag Studio Sessions - Last Night On Earth, DJ Mag TV HQ - 720p Video - 12-Sep-2014
Sasha - Live at DJ Mag Studio Sessions - Last Night On Earth, DJ Mag TV HQ - 720p Video - 12-Sep-2014